SOTB 2018 – Most epic CTF I’ve competed in to date

Hello all,

Been a minute. Here’s a quick update. So this weekend, I competed in a CTF as part of my job. I had the most fun I think I’ve ever had in a CTF. This one was very interactive, required inter-team work, etc. Total, I believe there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 flags to get. Out of 21 teams, mine finished in 5th place, and for the majority of the competition, we held 3rd, so that’s an honor in itself. I completed all but 3 of the reverse engineering challenges for my team, due to some issues I ran into with the 64-bit PE files. That being said, if anyone has suggestions for REing a 64-bit PE on Windows I’m all ears. I don’t have the paid version of IDA, and for whatever reason, I couldn’t even debug it with Immunity Debugger. So I was limited to running strings, and other basic static analysis techniques; which was not super useful for those binaries.

Soon, I hope to have a write-up completed of the challenges I completed, and if the event hosts are cool with me sharing the binaries, I’ll also have those attached.

‘Til then,
Khaotic out